Navigating the Digital Texts


Welcome to the Shakespeare CoLab Digital Texts!

The Shakespeare CoLab’s digital texts are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and are sourced from the Folger Shakespeare Library’s online collection. Take a look at our text of Twelfth Night – the first play we have prepared with digital annotations. To uphold our pedagogical mission and methodology, we have chosen to begin with texts of the Shakespeare plays most widely-examined in contemporary classrooms.
While reading the texts, notice the hyperlinked words, phrases, and symbols marked in red and blue. Click or hover over the text to open a pop-up window containing the media. If the content does not appear, ensure that you check your browser settings to allow this site to open pop-up windows.
Digital explanatory notes are multimedia, and therefore include video, audio, images, and text-based annotations. Click inside the pop-up window again to open the media in full-size in its own browser tab. Click outside of the pop-up window to close the annotation.
As the Shakespeare CoLab expands, we aim to provide a complete collection of digitally annotated Shakespeare texts. Check back for more to come!